Welcome to GouravDigital.club 

I am Gourav Bhardwaj, a passionate digital marketer from Faridabad who has been executing and imparting the knowledge of digital marketing from the past 10 years.

The ten years were no less than a rollercoaster ride, there were ups and downs but because I faced it with the right mindset, it never felt overwhelming. The downs always taught me a lesson and the ups always helped me move into the right direction. 

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“Being a seasoned digital marketer you have to be present everywhere” – This was one of the points from my golden strategies that I have collected all along and GDC is the source through which I impart all that I have learnt. 

This includes: 

  • What works in Digital Marketing 
  • How to earn money online through this skill. 
  • My Golden Strategies 
  • The Do’s and the Don’ts 
  • And everything that you will need to master this skill. 

In my whole life, I have not known a single successful person who has reached any considerable heights without taking a bet on their skills. 

“Skills are something which will land you a meaningful, affluent and prosperous life. A degree would just land you a job.” 

And how can I say that? 

I did my MBA in HR & Marketing and my degree is still in college because I never felt the need for it. 

GDC is based upon one such skill which is going to rule the world, and that is, of course,  Digital Marketing. 

Digital marketing which is all skill-based is not just super-relevant in the present, it’s the FUTURE! 

If you want to survive in the real world and leave your mark on it you cannot do it without executing what’s relevant in the present and will be a big boom in the future. 

The world works on the internet, the demand is way higher than the supply, people are consuming tons of content of the Internet, and the time isn’t far when it will be the only possibility. 

The opportunities are endless and if you grab it soon enough you can earn a fortune for yourself just like these: 

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We are imparting the knowledge of this million-dollar skill on both offline and online portals. 

The online sources include the Fundamental content that you need to begin your journey as a digital marketer which comprises of the BLOG, The Social Media and the video content! 

GouravDigital.club is such a resource of the GDC community where everything about digital marketing is provided for FREE 

You will find here all the blogs regarding the basics of digital marketing and you will be guided through the entirety of the course without shedding a single penny out of your pocket. 

Once you get on track with the basics, we have a lot of stuff like e-books, interactive live sessions and all the advanced knowledge you need to survive in the real world. 

You can access all of it at the GDC headquarters which is situated In Faridabad itself and at my social channels. 

All we provide is value and if you are the one who wants to watch his career sky-rocket in the next few years 

You can get on board with us.